These veneers are made by slicing artificial logs made from light-color softer hardwoods, such as Basswood, Ayus, or Poplar. These logs are manipulated by slicing methods, gluing schemes and color staining in order to create a new man-made log. If you are looking for value engineering* with consistency then our reconstituted veneer is for you. *Reconstituted veneer is up-to 60% cheaper than traditional veneer.


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Alder 2363C - DF Richards
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Black Ice Tree - DF Richards
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Black Lines 560S
Black Lines 560S Sale price
Black Oak 3401Q
Black Oak 3401Q Sale price
Complete Veneer Range
Complete Veneer Range Sale price
Ebony 3S - DF RichardsEbony 3S
Ebony 3S Sale priceFrom
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Grey Woven Ripple
Grey Woven Ripple Sale price
LBW - DF Richards
LBW Sale price
LEBC - DF Richards
LEBC Sale price
LGGR - DF Richards
LGGR Sale price
Limed Oak 7729N
Limed Oak 7729N Sale price
LMG - DF Richards
LMG Sale price
LN - DF Richards
LN Sale price
LOA - DF Richards
LOA Sale price
LPLY - DF Richards
LPLY Sale price
LR - DF Richards
LR Sale price
LSG - DF Richards
LSG Sale price
LWAC - DF Richards
LWAC Sale price
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Monochrome Swirl 1410N
Monochrome Swirl 1410N Sale price
Oak 12C - DF RichardsOak 12C
Oak 12C Sale price
Oak 2117C - DF Richards
Oak 2117C Sale price
Oak 2117S - DF RichardsOak 2117S - DF Richards
Oak 2117S Sale price
Oak 442S - DF RichardsOak 442S
Oak 442S Sale price
Oak 931C - DF RichardsOak 931C - DF Richards
Oak 931C Sale price
Oak Planked 7792N
Oak Planked 7792N Sale price
Oak Planked 7809N
Oak Planked 7809N Sale price
Onyx 3C - DF RichardsOnyx 3C - DF Richards
Onyx 3C Sale price
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Onyx 4CL - DF Richards
Onyx 4CL Sale price
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Pink Cats Eyes
Pink Cats Eyes Sale price
Recon Range - DF RichardsRecon Range - DF Richards
Recon Range Sale price
Rosewood 2303C - DF RichardsRosewood 2303C - DF Richards
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Silver Oak 1215Q
Silver Oak 1215Q Sale price
Silver Oak 154C - DF RichardsSilver Oak 154C
Silver Oak 154C Sale price
Silver Oak 154S - DF RichardsSilver Oak 154S
Silver Oak 154S Sale price
Silver Oak 3801Q
Silver Oak 3801Q Sale price
Silver Oak 386QSilver Oak 386Q - DF Richards
Silver Oak 386Q Sale price
Silver Oak 781C - DF RichardsSilver Oak 781C - DF Richards
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Silver Oak Crown 3C.BH
Silver Oak Crown 3C.BH Sale price
Silver Oak Planked 7712N
Silver Oak Planked 7712N Sale price
Silver Oak Planked 771N
Silver Oak Planked 771N Sale price
Teak 117C - DF Richards
Teak 117C Sale price
Teak 117S - DF Richards
Teak 117S Sale price
Walnut 001S - DF RichardsWalnut 001S
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Walnut 1968C - DF Richards
Walnut 1968C Sale price
Walnut 5368C - DF Richards
Walnut 5368C Sale price
Walnut 9691C - DF Richards
Walnut 9691C Sale price
Walnut Planked 7162N
Walnut Planked 7162N Sale price
Wenge 252S - DF Richards
Wenge 252S Sale price
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White Cats Eyes
White Cats Eyes Sale price
White Oak 570C - DF RichardsWhite Oak 570C
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