Veneer Matching

Veneer jointing refers to the process of aligning and joining pieces of wood veneer together to create a larger, continuous surface.

Slip Matched

Slip matched veneer is a method of arranging veneer sheets side by side in a sequential order without flipping them. This technique ensures that the grain pattern remains consistent across the entire surface, creating a uniform appearance.

Book Matched

Book matched veneer is a method of arranging veneer sheets in a way that creates a mirror image effect, similar to the pages of an open book.

Random Matched

Random matching veneer is a technique used in woodworking where veneer sheets are arranged in a seemingly random pattern without regard to matching grain patterns or colours. This method creates a more natural and less predictable appearance, often mimicking the irregular and varied look of solid wood surfaces.

Reverse Slip Matched

Reverse slip matched veneer is a variation of slip matching, where the sequence of veneer sheets is reversed before joining them together. In slip matching, veneer sheets are laid out side by side in the same order and orientation in which they were cut from the log. However, in reverse slip matching, the sequence is flipped horizontally or vertically before joining, creating a subtle variation in the grain pattern across the surface.

Controlled Random Matched

Controlled random match veneer is a method that combines the natural look of random matching veneer with some level of control over the arrangement to ensure a balanced and aesthetically pleasing result. In this technique, while the veneer sheets are still arranged in a seemingly random pattern, certain parameters are considered and controlled to maintain overall visual harmony.