Silver Oak Planked 771N

Usually, when we discuss planked veneer layons, it refers to the process of joining individual veneer leaves together to achieve a plank-like appearance. Reconstituted (engineered) veneer has been innovatively manufactured in sheets measuring approximately 2400 x 640mm to mimic the appearance of a planked veneer layon. 

Planked, Book-matched, Slip-matched - We've got you covered! 🙌

The image displayed on the left is an A4 scan obtained from a veneer leaf. Veneer leaves can be strategically arranged to achieve the desired appearance. We subsequently sew these leaves together to form a veneer layon. This layon is then pressed onto a substrate, which could be a door blank, panel, and so forth. Various matching techniques can be employed, including book matching, slip matching, randomizing (also known as Plank matching), and reverse slip matching, among others.

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