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Due to the extensive selection of Reconstituted or value-engineered veneers, maintaining stock for all options is impractical. As a result, the veneers listed below have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 100 sheets and entail a longer lead time. Some veneers may simply need slicing from existing blocks, while others require complete manufacturing from scratch. Lead times can vary, potentially extending up to 8 weeks, depending on the chosen freight service from our overseas facility. Air freight is an option for an additional cost. For further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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Stock Status

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LMG - DF Richards
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LR - DF Richards
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LEBC - DF Richards
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LGGR - DF Richards
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LBW - DF Richards
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LPLY - DF Richards
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LWAC - DF Richards
LWAC Sale price
LSG - DF Richards
LSG Sale price
LN - DF Richards
LN Sale price
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Onyx 4CL - DF Richards
Onyx 4CL Sale price
LOA - DF Richards
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White Oak A285 Feelwood - DF Richards
White Oak A285 Feelwood Sale price
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Silver Oak 1215Q
Silver Oak 1215Q Sale price
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Black Lines 560S
Black Lines 560S Sale price
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Monochrome Swirl 1410N
Monochrome Swirl 1410N Sale price
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Zebra 5941S
Zebra 5941S Sale price
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White Root
White Root Sale price
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Grey Woven Ripple
Grey Woven Ripple Sale price
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Zebrano 499S
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Pink Cats Eyes
Pink Cats Eyes Sale price
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White Cats Eyes
White Cats Eyes Sale price
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Alder 363C
Alder 363C Sale price