Why doesn't my veneer look like the sample I received?

Why doesn't my veneer look like the sample I received?
One of our most frequently asked question is from customer asking why the veneer or layons they've ordered from us don't look like the sample. 
Given that wood veneer is a product of nature, each log and bundle carries its own unique attributes.

Our extensive library contains cut A4 samples, sourced from leaves pulled from bundles, providing customers with an overview of the specie.
However, it's worth mentioning that the colours, grain, and texture may exhibit variations.
It's important to understand that the age of these A4 samples can range from 1 day to 7 months, depending on the pace of sales in our factory. For instance, if we cut 40 x A4 samples from Log XX, Bundle 23 on January 12th, the whole pallet of veneer could be sold by January 19th. Consequently, the samples might not precisely reflect our current stock, leading us to include disclaimers on our sample labels.

For customers seeking consistency or a match with previous samples, we ensure a controlled sample is taken directly from the log. This process is significant, especially considering scenarios where customers request samples – as we know sometimes it can take months or even years to get final approval from all parties involves in the project. In the case of substantial orders, we recommend a visit to our factory for a veneer inspection. This step guarantees that the chosen material aligns with customer expectations. Your satisfaction is paramount to us.
To book an in person veneer inspection please contact - if you can't make it to us in person then we also offer remote 4K camera turning inspections like the below:

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