Why does Lebanese Cedar smell?

Why does Lebanese Cedar smell?

Lebanese Cedar, like many other types of cedar wood, has a distinct and pleasant aroma. This smell is primarily due to the presence of natural compounds within the wood, particularly aromatic oils and resins. These compounds serve several purposes for the cedar tree:

  1. Natural Defence: The aromatic compounds in cedar wood act as a natural defence mechanism for the tree. They can deter insects and pests that might otherwise infest or damage the wood. This is one reason why cedar wood is often used for making storage chests and closets – it helps protect clothing and other items from moths and other pests.

  2. Preservation: Cedar's natural oils and resins can help preserve the wood by making it more resistant to decay and rot. This is particularly valuable in outdoor applications, such as cedar siding or roofing.

  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Many people find the scent of cedar wood pleasant and enjoy it for its aromatic qualities. This is one reason why cedar is used for making furniture and other decorative items.

  4. Therapeutic Properties: Some people believe that the scent of cedar has therapeutic properties, such as promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Cedarwood essential oil, extracted from cedar wood, is used in aromatherapy for its potential calming effects.

The smell of cedar can vary depending on the specific species of cedar and the age of the wood. Over time, the scent may mellow and become less intense, but it often remains a distinctive characteristic of cedar wood products.

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